It is the usual thing that your stomach feels empty in the middle of the night. And most often, it is difficult to resist the temptation and not it so late. Yes, we all know that it can cause some problems, most known of which is that you can gain weight. But what can you do in this situation? You have lots of work to do, or your studies are waiting for you; an empty stomach makes it more difficult to get concentrated on the process.

This is when you face the challenge of eating something healthy, and meanwhile tasty and quick. And this list of healthy late-night mouth-watering snacks is just here to help you to make a quick decision. So, let’s go on!



Let’s start with the saltiest ones… popcorn. They are addictively crunchy and meanwhile low in calories. This tasty snack will be a great companion for your late nights. You should just use some oil to make them, but you can also avoid the oil if you choose to prepare them in the air popper instead of frying.

It’s a very quick snack, and you can make it in ten minutes. All you need for this snack is just popcorn kernels and oil. You can use vegetable oil or coconut oil for this snack. Both of them work fantastically. In addition to the main ingredients, you can also choose several seasonings to make them tastier, including black pepper, nutritional yeast, white pepper, etc.

To make sure that your popcorn is healthy, you should make it yourself, as the one you eat in theatres or cinema, can be made with highly refined oils. And it can be flavored with extra chemicals and preservatives, which of course are not the right choice as an evening snack. That’s why try to avoid buying them and make yourself. Besides, it is a ten minutes job.

So, how to make them?

For this purpose, you should choose fresh popcorn kernels. Why? Because they contain more water than the old ones, which get dry during the months or even years, and this is why they won’t pop well, unlike the fresh ones.

When you have already prepared popcorn kernels, it’s time to finally make them pop. You can use oil, or you can skip it. Remember, that oil doesn’t contribute to the popping process. It is just added to avoid ending with burnt popcorn.

So, take a deep non-stick pot and add there some oil, preheat the pot on low heat. After preheating enough, open the lid and put there the kernels. Immediately close the lid tightly and wait for some seconds. Then start shaking the pots every 4 seconds. Almost in a minute or two, your popcorn kernels will begin to pop. Shake the pot all that time. If you think that almost all the kernels are transferred into popcorn, take the pot from the heat and put the popcorn into a large bowl. Add the salt and serve it!


If you don’t want to make your nights salty and want to eat something delicious and sweet, I strongly recommend you to try Greek yogurt. It is not only healthy and can be easily eaten late at night, but also, according to one of the studies, it contributes to the sleep and helps you stay asleep longer.

Greek yogurt is rich in proteins. Also, you don’t have to waste your time in the kitchen preparing it. You can just by the yogurt and top it with some fruits or nuts, etc. If you may have some problems with digestion, you can choose ingredients that are low in calories.

Here it is; sweet, quick, and healthy. How to make it?

Just put the yogurt you bought from the store into a bowl, top it with the chopped fruits you have prepared. There are several other options for topping, including chia-seeds, honey, coconut flakes, pistachios, nuts, to name just a few.



Here is another crunchy way of getting asleep! Along with being very satisfying and salty, there are also several ways in which they contribute to normal sleep. This is a quick and great recipe that will teach you not to throw away pumpkin seeds after using the pumpkin.

Here is a step by step explanation of transferring those seeds into something very crispy and addictively delicious.

First of all, scoop the seeds from the pumpkin and remove the stringy parts. Then you should dry the seeds. For this purpose, you can choose a strainer, leave there the seeds and wait until the water is gone. When the seeds are dried, put them on the pepper towel for further drying. This helps your seeds become crunchier and more inviting.

Then put them in a mixing bowl and mix with seasonings, salt, and oil. Sprinkle the seeds on the baking sheet and finally transfer the baking sheet into the oven, bake for 20-30 minutes. When the seeds are crunchy enough, remove from the oven and let them cool. It should be mentioned that baking time usually depends on the size of the seeds. Smaller ones will, of course, be baked, in a shorter time than the big ones.

If you want to make the seeds in the morning, then eat them at midnight; you can store them in the airtight container. But before putting the seeds into the container, make sure they are completely cool because otherwise, they will get soggy.


Yes, I am not joking; you can even help yourself with some sandwiches late at night if they are made healthily. This is a smart choice as a night snack. You don’t even use bread for making them, as you must wrap the sandwiches with lettuce. You can put whatever you want in these wraps. But if you make them for the night, you had better choose something healthy and low in calories.

Eggs, tuna, chicken breast, turkey… here are some ingredients which you can use to fill your sandwiches and season them with some spices in the end. It is also vital to choose the right sort of lettuce. Iceberg lettuce works best for this recipe.

Turkey sandwiches will help you greatly when you are really hungry at midnight and are tired of salty or sweet snacks. Give it a try, and it will become one of your favorites.




Here is another great way to spend your midnights. Eggs are an extremely healthy choice as a late-night snack. They are rich in proteins and contain lots of tryptophan, which lets them make you feel sleepy, according to the American Sleep Association.

You can boil the eggs, cut them in two pieces, and top the inside with several spices. For making this snack, choose the hard-boiled eggs. Cut them in similar pieces! Then here is a list of toppings you can use for making them more delicious. This list includes chia seeds, mustard, salt, pepper, lemon juice, or whatever you want unless it is rich in calories. 



And last but not least, zucchini chips. I adore this snack. I am a great fan of zucchini, and that’s why I always try to find something new to make with them. And here is the recipe for the crunchy and delicious zucchini chips, which I found recently but have already tried several times. I liked them very much and strongly advise you to give it a try.

It is a three-ingredient recipe, a super quick and efficient way to prepare your midnight snack. For this purpose, you just need some middle-sized zucchinis, oil, and salt (maybe also some pepper).

And here is the baking process; first of all, preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Then take the zucchinis and slice them in circles. Put all the zucchini circles in a large mixing bowl and add there oil, salt, and pepper. Start mixing the slices with your hands. Make sure that all the zucchinis are coated with seasonings.

When you have finished this process, take the baking sheet, arrange the zucchini chips on it in a single layer. Then transfer the baking sheet into the oven. You can also top the zucchini slices with other ingredients such as shredded cheese; however, I don’t recommend this if you are preparing it for midnight.

The zucchini chips can also be stored. This is wonderful as you can prepare them beforehand and use them for midnight. Keep the chips in an airtight container, but make sure that all the chips are cooled completely; otherwise, they will become soggy as in the case of pumpkin seeds.

This was my list of healthy midnight snacks. I tried to gather such recipes which are not dull and unsatisfying, but very crispy and juicy. They are quick, healthy, and appetizing. This is what makes them so inviting. By preparing them once, you will get convinced of how delicious and convenient they are as a late-night snack. And one more thing; they greatly contribute to your sleep, and this is another advantage of preparing them.

I showed you another reality behind the potato chips and unhealthy snacks. Enjoy them, and wait for me with new recipes!